The 3rd year of med school

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Molesting my inner-child
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Jun 22, 2000
New York City
    I started reading the prologue this morning and am half way into the surgey chapter at the moment. So far so good. Very interesting.

    Will you attempt to have this published? (I think you should, of course). If so, is this a final draft?


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    Feb 22, 2002
    Chicago, IL
      This is a pretty cool book. Shows the downside of med school pretty clearly. I don't ppl give this perspective often enough. Mind me asking which med school you attended and of course, what Alex is now doing? This is like a reality show without an ending...

      Greg Nicholson

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        Responses to a couple of specific questions people had: the med school I attended was University of Virginia. The Alex character is essentially fictional (somebody asked what he's doing now in real life), although there were a number of people in my class who initially intended to go into surgery but eventually decided the lifestyle was prohibitive. The majority of those people ended up doing radiology.

        Thanks again, and keep reading...

        Greg Nicholson
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