The life of the radiologist...

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May 2, 2004
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I am an MSIII with fairly recent onset of interest in Radiology. I have a few questions about the field in general: 1. Is it a solitary life, or is there still sufficient interaction with people (not necessarily patients) for those of a gregarious nature? 2. I have heard mixed reviews on the lifestyle of Radio...some say it is a 9 to 6, while others say it is 60 hrs a week. Which is more accurate (for interventional and diagnostic)? 3. Is there significant exposure to ionizing radiation (such that incidence rates of cancer, etc. are significantly elevated)? 4. What is job satisfaction like for those who have been practicing a while? (I've heard mixed reports from different sources) 5. Can interventional radiologists do coronary procedures, or does cards monopolize this area?

Finally, a question about boards timing. My step I was 257, and I think I am somewhere in the top 10% of my class (don't have 3rd year final scores in yet). Should I do Step II right after the end of 3rd yr or try to put it off? (my school is requiring us to take Step II before Nov 1)

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Man, I just composed a reply to each of you questions... but got logged off before I could send it. :mad:
In a nutshell Sam, let me suggest you pose your questions on; you'll probably get better answers than I can give.
All the best.