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The Official CCOM Class of 2006 Thread

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by appledumpling, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. appledumpling

    appledumpling Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2001
    I just like the sound of "official." ;) I hope no one is offended b/c I didn't bring the older threads out of the underworld. :)

    Anyways, hello to my future classmates and the other CCOMers out there. Can you believe we're going to start in a little over a week?!?! I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I am pumped and ready to go! :clap:

    So, I have a few questions for you guys out there.
    What are our hours in class every it 8-5 M-F? I forgot to ask this very crucial question when I interviewed. Hehe. :)
    Are some of you holding out on your titers? I'm not getting mine done till I get there b/c it's double the cost here.
    Also, will I be doomed if I don't have a car on campus the first year? The drive is horrendously long for one such as myself, and I didn't want to drive across the country alone. But, I hate having to part w/ my belongings...I can only take so much w/ me on the plane. :(
    Oh, and do any of the "upperclassmen/women" have any advice for tips, great books to buy, bad books to avoid, etc. I'm all ears! :D Please share your secrets to success w/ the froshies!
    And, one more question (for now)...are the single and double occupancy rooms in the traditional residence hall the same square footage? Do the single occupants get 2 of everything OR do we simply have more space to move about (1 set of everything)?

    Thanks. :)
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  3. Dagny

    Dagny PGY-1 10+ Year Member

    Congratulations to all accepted to CCOM.

    Here are some answers to your questions.

    I posted the actual schedule we had last year.

    As far as the advice, everyone will be assigned a big sister or big brother. We will give you advice and answer all of your questions. A lot of MS-II's that are not your big sister or brother will be happy to answer to questions. So just ask us, and we'll help. One thing I should have thought of last year: bring some really old shoes with you. Use those for gross anatomy lab, then throw them away.

    The traditional halls did a major renovation this past year, so Mary at Residential Life will be able to give you the best answer to your dorm question. Based on last year, most of the traditional hall dorms had single occupancy. At one time they were double occupancy, so there is still two sets of drawers, two medicine cabinets, two closets and two windows. There is only one bed. I heard the furniture was changed this past summer, so I'm not sure if there are still two desks. So basically, it turns out to be a pretty good sized room for one person. It's a bit bigger than the LLC rooms. Now, some of the traditional dorms still have double occupancy, where the two occupants pay less rent.

    Not all students have cars. I had a car and I didn't use it that much.
  4. appledumpling

    appledumpling Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2001
    Thanks for all the info. If you're representative of the rest of CCOM, I think I'm going to like being at CCOM the next four years.
    Thanks. :)

    P.S. How well ventilated is the gross anatomy lab? We weren't permitted to peek inside during the tour.
  5. Dagny

    Dagny PGY-1 10+ Year Member

    I know that many students interviewing did come in to look at the lab during their tour. Maybe your tour was when we were having a practical exam.

    The gross lab's ventilation seemed okay to me. It didn't bother me. Everything you wear ends up smelling like formaldehyde after being in the lab, so it's a good idea to keep separate clothes for gross lab, including shoes. Of all the schools I interviewed at, I was most impressed with Touro's anatomy lab's ventilation.

    At Midwestern, there are about 25 tables, with 4 students per cadaver at any one time. They just painted the lab during the year, and ended up installing new lockers in the bathrooms. You'll need to buy a lock for lab ---they are available at the bookstore.

    The Anatomy Department is very strong at Midwestern. Ask if you have more questions. You'll be fine. Just take it slowly. There is no need to be overwhelmed.
  6. DO chooser

    DO chooser Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 17, 2002
    Lombard, IL
    A little off topic, but still useful...We are receiving our 1st Q bills this week. Mine had out of state tuition, I'm a red blooded Illinoisese, so I had to get them to correct that. They also said our loans will not show up on the first bill because they won't receive the money until early September, which probably means middle to late September.

    See you all next Wed.

    Mark Philips
  7. conmantlc

    conmantlc Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    Finally a CCOM thread on the osteopathic site instead of the pre-osteo site. Im pretty excited to start, I leave sunday to make the 800 mile drive to the LLC, where i hope they have a place for me. Im just trying to finish up stuff here, changing address, bills, etc. Im bummed to hear financial aid doesnt kick in until late september, especially with tuition due 9/6. I guess im borrowing from mom and dad for the time being. Anyway, nice to see you guys posting, im sure in two weeks, when we're up to our ears in cadaver guts, the novelty will have diminished a little, but for now, im bouncing off the walls waiting to start. See you guys soon!
    Connor, MS1
  8. appledumpling

    appledumpling Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2001
    So, where are all the other CCOMers? :( I wish our thread were as popular as the other schools' threads. I'm a bit green w/ envy...;)

    How long will the warm weather in Chicago last? I know the winter weather is gonna be a shocker for me. I hope the cold is late in coming this year. :D Ah well, at least I'll have the sexy windblown hair every day for the next four years.

    P.S. Either there are lots of CCOM lurkers who prefer to click mouses (rather than respond ;)) OR some "outsiders" are very nosy (BTW, I'm j/k and thanks for clicking. :D). Which of the two is it? Hmmm...
  9. Chi-town

    Chi-town Junior Member

    Jul 19, 2002
    Hey everyone. I've tried to post on here for about a month now and it wouldn't let me. Anyway, I just moved in. Anyone else in Downers Grove yet? I was told that our money would be there in time to pay the tuition, but we wouldn't get our reinbusments until the third week of september! I don't understand why it takes so long if they already have our money? Anyway, if anyones in town and they want to know of some good places to check out downtown or in Oakbrook e-mail me. I have family nearby and Chicago is my home away from home.
  10. meljlove

    meljlove New Member

    Jul 14, 2002
    Detroit MI
    Hi...everyone. Nice to see the new forum. Looking forward to meeting all of you in person next week. I am moving in on Tuesday morning. See you all at orientation.
    Melissa Stallings
  11. thundercat77

    thundercat77 Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 4, 2002
    I was totally amazed and impressed with CCOM. This school is all about respect and responsibility. The school realizes that students are here to learn, and that most are mature enough to understand that THIS IS YOUR FUTURE AND CAREER!

    The campus is absolutely gorgeous with state-of-the-art classmates are superfriendly (with some cute girls, too)....the food served for lunch/dinner is not bad.

    To all you potential applicants, I would suggest you look into CCOM.

    I actually like it here, and hell, I'm from California.

  12. DO chooser

    DO chooser Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 17, 2002
    Lombard, IL
    Well said Lionel. I concur with my esteemed associate that CCOM is a wonderful school, and so far I've been treated superbly by all.

    Good luck to everyone this year, and good luck to all those who apply in the future.


    PS Lionel is right about the "girls", too!
  13. dieldrin

    dieldrin New Member

    Sep 2, 2002
    Keep abreast with how financial aid handles your money. Keep an eye on them (make sure they have what you've given them i.e. tax returns, applications, etc., etc.. I've been screwed once too many times by them so make sure you get your money when you need it (rent!).

    You like the food their?? Damn, thats the first!

    9 more months and I'm out of there!!!
  14. EricOH

    EricOH Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 25, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    Hey all,

    Thought I'd jump start this thread again. See how many fellow CCOMers are on here.

    How's everyone doing? Damn the next two weeks are going to be fun! :p I'm sure we will all pull through.

    Take care,


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