****The Official UAB Class of 2016 Acceptance Thread****

Dr. Filler just called... ACCEPTED!!!!!!! :)
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Got the call at 7:54!!!! Best day of the rest of my life!! :D
Dr. Filler called me four times before getting a hold of me! Thank goodness for his persistence! UAB c/o 2016!
Congrats everyone! Do you all know when the deposit will be due?
Dr. Filler told me roughly near the end of the first week in January. Generally it is one month from the date of acceptance, but since it falls on a holiday, they see it better to push it back a few days.
call from Dr. Filler this morning!!! so excited!!! anyone else from South Carolina??? :)
so i got accepted about a week or two ago but i still haven't received anything in the mail yet.. have you guys gotten your packets?
You should have recieved your letter in the mail a day or two after the call...weird...i would contact adcom about it
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Everyone's packet may be a little different. In my case they were working on some scholarships and residency issues...so my packet went out late last week even though I got the call on the 1st....
Oh and you packet is different from your acceptance letter which you should have already received.
I was referring to the acceptance letter. Sorry. Not sure when the packet should arrive. I agree with Blessed that it probably just depends on your personal situation.
If I make a Facebook page, will anyone join it? Or is there one already that I don't know about?

I am ready to see who my classmates are!
congratulations on being accepted!

i'm a current D2, i LOVE UAB and I'm really excited for y'all to start this summer.

Be sure to post or send me personal message with any questions/concerns!
Has anyone been accepted to buff with an interview after January 1st yet
if you dont mind when did you interview and what was ur stats
Do you guys mind sharing your stats? I'm currently a sophomore in college with a 3.43 cumulative gpa, 3.16 bcp gpa, and 3.28 science gpa. By the looks of my stats, I'm starting to get discouraged and wonder if I should shoot for something else..:(