The Princeton Review's Free "MCAT 2015: SNEAK PEEK" Guide Now Available Online

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May 18, 2007
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News for Med School Applicants: The Princeton Review's Free "MCAT 2015: SNEAK PEEK" Guide Now Available Online

What many consider the toughest of all professional school admission exams – the Medical College Admission Test – is going to get tougher.

Students applying to med schools for admission fall 2015 or later (listen up, college sophomore premeds, that's you) will face a new MCAT. In spring 2015, the MCAT will be about 50% longer, have dozens of additional questions, and cover some subjects never before on the test while jettisoning others the test-makers consider dated.

But first-class aid for the new MCAT is now available from The Princeton Review. Its free "MCAT 2015: SNEAK PEEK" – see it at – gives MCAT preppers everything they need to know to gear up for the new test. This multi-media, interactive tool features:

  • Three videos: Key facts about the current MCAT and the major changes in the 2015 MCAT (and we mean major: this is the biggest overhaul of the test since 1991)
  • Test content updates: Downloadable booklet including a rundown on which subjects are going into the test (and which courses to take to study up for them), and which are going out
  • Two interactive modules powered exclusively by amplifier that build knowledge of the MCAT and skills to score well on it
  • An MCAT 2015 practice test. This abbreviated, 2.5-hour test includes questions on the Behavioral Sciences content slated for the new test.
For information on all of The Princeton Review's MCAT resources – courses, tutoring, strategy sessions, events and books – plus updates on MCAT 2015 go to

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I was kind of expecting released prep material for the new mcat. :p Guess not yet.