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Jul 31, 2000
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Hello Yimfong, most medical school programs in the US are graduate programs, meaning that students must complete 4 years of undergraduate work before enrolling. There are some programs that are combined programs, meaning they combine the undergraduate and graduate years together, but most are graduate programs. Good luck.


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Jul 4, 2000
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The MD program IS an undergraduate program, officially anyway. The only stipulation is that you must have done at least 90 semester credits before you are eligible to study medicine.
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Apr 9, 2000
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I believe the original poster was asking about 6+ year programs right out of HS. There ARE several of these, highly competitive of course.

You can find a list in the AAMC Medical School Admissions Requirements, available at your nearest medical school bookstore or perhaps some astute reader will provide a free on-line link with a list of such programs.
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