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The Process

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by Mr. McDuck, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. So, for NA students applying to Ireland through the Atlantic Bridge program: What's the process? In a month, they allow you to access the applications, but once you send them your complete file, what happens? I read that only RCSI interviews, so how long does it generally take to hear a decision?

    I'm sorry if this was already posted, but I didn't see it if it was.
  2. OP
    Mr. McDuck

    All the people here that go to school over there, and not one person can clarify? 30 views and no responses. Nice. I thought this forum was for people to ask questions. :confused:
  3. Jocks

    Jocks Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Feb 21, 2005
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    Alright Alright, you guilted me into it :p

    1)Send in Application with all appropriate documentation by November 15th (I think that's the date).
    2)If applying to RCSI, first interview offers go out early January.
    3)For all other schools, admission offers start getting sent out early march and continue until...well I'm pretty sure they're still being sent out.

    Basically you wait...and you wait...and you wait some more. Med school applications build patience if nothing else.

  4. OP
    Mr. McDuck

    Haha, it worked. Anyway, thanks a lot. That's basically all I wanted to know.
  5. Pigface

    Pigface Junior Member
    2+ Year Member

    Aug 7, 2006
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    Medical Student
    Wow! Those offers come out far earlier than the offers to irish students. We apply by February and the offers come out near the end of august, with college starting in sept/oct!
  6. Arb

    Arb Senior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Aug 30, 2004
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    I got my UCD offer in February. They are the earliest...which isn't always fair.
  7. OP
    Mr. McDuck

    Good. UCD is where I want to go, lol. I'm applying to RCSI too, and if I get in to RCSI only, I'll definitely go, but I think I prefer UCD.

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