Aug 4, 2009
This is my first post, so i'm going to explain my situation.

I started out college at sdsu as a bio/art major then went straight to art. I pursued art/architecture and graduated with a 2.98. I didn't do much with it and eventually turned around and went back to school 4 years later. I went for a second bachelors this time in biochemistry. I took all chem/bio/physics classes, retaking some i took at sdsu, and have a 4.0 at my new school (70 units). I have done research and volunteered, but don't have anything published.

I took the MCAT twice and got a 31M (9vr/11ps/11bs) and a 34N (8vr/14ps/12bs). my science gpa is ~3.6 counting all my old courses with my new ones, and my overall GPA is probably about a 3.3. I'm hoping i can plead immaturity for my first round of grades and that they will look more at the last couple years

How will I fair? I am applying now. Do you think i have made up for my 4 years of really crappy grades with 2 years of really stellar ones and decent MCATs? What sort of schools should i be looking at?