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Feb 14, 2007
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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am heading to the Caribbean to start in May. But I am waiting to hear from one last US MD school. Am I required to tell them that I am starting at another med school if its overseas? If they gave me a spot, i would eat up the lost costs to come back to go the US med school, even if its the day before classes start there. Any advice or suggestions?


I have the exact same question as I am in the exact same predicament. I spoke with a friend of mine at UM and he told me that since it is a foreign medical school we technically don't have to even tell them that we attended school there which sounds a little bogus. My only question in addition to yours is would you be considered a transfer student at that point? I ask this because it is extremely hard to transfer. After much thought I might actually defer my acceptance until the Fall since I don't want to play the waiting game so much and lose so much money in tuition, deposits, plane tickets etc. This decision also plays a role in the event that I am waitlisted at the US MD school. It will give me the longest possible chance of matriculating without the hassel of transferring and the financial burden. Only problem is that I lose time. Another pro is that I would be on the same schedule as the US schools also which is good because everything revolves around that system as far as rotations, Step testing, and applying for residencies. Just some thoughts of mine. Any info or advice would be very helpful. Thanks.
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