The waiting game

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May 18, 2010
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I applied to a few schools for their early admission cycle and its been about two months since I have applied. I should find out in the next month if I got in, but wow is the waiting killing me; not really, but you know :). I am one of those people that is always planning ahead and not knowing what the next year will hold for me is a brain drainer. Right now I am out of school and working so I am not getting that mental stimulus that I was getting for the last however many years. It was nice for a while, but in a weird way I miss school, lectures, etc. We'll see what I think once I start school again though lol. Anyway just a little rant, anyone else feeling similar?

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Definitely! There is so much unknown. If i believed in psychics I wouldve already gone that route to try to have an idea of what lies ahead. I've heard back from some schools for interviews and have one acceptance from a back up school but I am still waiting out the top schools. Ugh! I hope to hear back soon.

Enjoy being out of school while you can. I hear that PT school is intense and you dont get much time for yourself. Its around the corner so try to have some fun!
Congrats on the acceptance and interviews! You know more than I do at this point. The only thing we can do at this point is stay positive and stay focused! Oh yeah and plan on how we are going to afford to live for the next 3 years lol.