there's a bump near my tailbone, should i see my doc?

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Mar 8, 2005
i felt pain there during the summer but it went away in a few days. i go on the computer a lot so i thought it was my ancient monkey chair that caused it. but a couple of days ago it started up again. and i've barely even looked at my computer lately, so i know it's not that. you know what the tailbone feels like, the bump's like it but a bit rounder, and it's only a few centimeters away from it. i'm not a med student or anything, just a girl hoping she won't have to drop her pants to her 45-year-old male doctor. :oops: i don't wanna make an embarrassing trip to him if it's nothing. could you tell me if it is?


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Aug 2, 2002
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although every person would have their own theory about what it might be, there's really no way to diagnose without a physical exam by a practicing physician.

so, if you are concerned enough about it, please go and see your doctor.

because we discourage these kinds of questions, I'm going to close this thread.

best of luck and hope everything turns out okay!
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