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these applications ufff!!!


New Member
10+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2006
  1. Non-Student
    Hi !!!!!
    like most of you here , I am also in the process of sending in applications ,
    but -------the problem comes when you have to answer the following questions:
    1) special circumstances why we should evaluate ur application!!
    2) ur interest in our school?
    3) If u catch a friend cheating ,what would you do and why???

    could anyone please help me with the right kind of answers for these questions??
    even humourous ones would help!!!


    Junior Member
    10+ Year Member
    Jul 10, 2006
    1. Dental Student
      i swear its just an headache... now i feel studying for the exam was a lot easier!!!
      even i was wondering what i would write when i say that 'frens cheating' question... i would probably ask his to help me as well :D
      but ofcourse they dont expect that as an answer... so i guess we have the balance the answer between being idealistic and realistic.
      idealy i guess one should complain to the authorities... but then the question says u see u "fren" cheating.... so maybe u talk to him about it first or something.
      for the "why this particualer school" thing am planning to go over the schools website and get a picture of "why they feel are the key and special things" about their school. like if the school flaunt about their research facilities... then tell them how impressed ur with the research opurtunities... if the schools seems to get a pride in claiming how f***@#% old their school is then put that as one of the reasons.
      i wonder when will i complete all this ****
      good luck
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