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Apr 29, 2002
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i've been thinking about doing the army hpsp program but i'm not really quite sure what to do...

first of all, i'm female and it kind of scares my family that i would be going into the army even though i'd be in medical school and not at war. my mom thinks it would be great but everyone else is so worried about the whole thing.

secondly, my boyfriend is going into the navy and i wonder if that would be a problem if we wind up together in the long run.

my last concern is if i should try to go after the scholarship because even though i have a good gpa (3.65), my mcat was only a 23. i'm retaking the mcat, but i don't know how much better i'll do.

if i decide to this, i would have to contact somebody pretty soon. i think it sounds fabulous... i mean, i'd love to graduate from medical school without any debt, plus i'd be getting amazing experience and great residency spots and everything. i can't find anything bad about the program other than that you owe them 4 years after you graduate, but i think that would be a good experience anyway.

so i'm just curious if anyone has any opinions or suggestions about this possibility. thanks :)


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Aug 2, 2002
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Consider your options for all the services. Being as boyfriend is in the Navy (and assuming this is a serious long term relationship), it would beuch easier and almost guaranteed that you will get stationed together if you decide to get married later on down the road.

Your GAP is fine, and depending on the schools you are applying to, your MCAT may get by, but a stronger mcat would definitely improve your opportunities.


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Jan 6, 2002
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I also agree with looking into the other branches as well. I am applying to the AirForce HPSP and feel it is the best deal. The Air Force is the most like a job and all the docs are board certified. Both the AF and Army have moved away from using GMO, which are physicians that have not been through residency only an internship. The Navy stills has GMO's. If you go Navy and you don't match with a military residency, but you match with a civilian residency you have to apply for a deferrment to your obligation so you can enter into the residency. It may or may not be granted. If not then you go through your internship and become a GMO, which is a general medical officer I believe. You work for two years as a GMO and then enter the match again. You could possibly do all four years with them and then have to try to match in a residency. Plus with the Navy you will be on a ship for part of the time. At least with you being female, you won't have to worry about a sub. So you have to ask is your boyfriend worth it. So in my opinion do either the Army or AF. One other thing, talk to your local National Guard. They may have a two year scholarship for your third and fourth years, and I believe that your time in your residency counts toward your contract. I hope this helps
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