Thomas Jefferson accreditation

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Apr 13, 2009
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So I was playing around on the ACGME site yesterday just checking on the accreditation status of various programs, and the vast majority of the places I looked up had been awarded "continued accreditation" for >5yrs. However, I noticed that Thomas Jefferson was given "continued accreditation with warning" and a cycle length of 2 years. Can anyone shed some light on what might've led to this? I don't know that much about the program except what has been written about it here (which is almost all good) so I was a bit surprised.

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Where did you find it? I looked on the ACGME website and couldn't find the information you found.
This topic was raised last year too ( but we never heard anything about it.

I think I asked the program coordinator and they refered me to the program director. I felt too weird bugging the PD since I was an applicant so that's all I know.

Like I said before, it could be important , but I'd guess that it's more like they didn't hand in some paperwork, or don't have the recommended resident sign out or something.