Thoughts on CMG controlling shifts

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As an IC, you have very little rights but in exchange the CMGs have less control.

As a true IC, you may be promised something but this can change with a quick change. Even if your contract does not allow what they are asking and if you make a big deal out of it, then they will just send you a new contract; take it or leave it.

This was one of the reasons I started with a SDG after residency, forced into a CMG for 2 yrs due to buy out, and Left to be my own boss after my 2 yr handcuffs were done.

Everyone has a choice and control over how they want to live. If you are stuck with a CMG or feel this is the best opportunity, then you have to deal with the handcuffs.

Your situation really isn't any different than when I was a IC Locums. I didn't promise any shifts eventhough they wanted me to and they didn't promise me anything other than a $325/hr rate when I did work. I got to pick what shifts I wanted to do, avoid nights, avoid weekends but for this I gave up any set monthly hours/income. When they had open shifts, I requested a minimum 2K bonus to cover a shift. This was not in the contract, but as an IC both sides get to change rules on the fly.

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