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Jun 5, 2002
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For those of you who interviewed in the past and participated in a student hosting program, what were your thoughts? Is it worth doing, or is better to spend the extra money and stay in a hotel? I thought it might be a worthwile experience so you can get to meet other medical students, but I wasn't sure if it added any undue stress to the situation. I am pondering whether to stay with a student at Vanderbilt before my interview...any thoughts? Thanks! :)


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Jun 13, 2001
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Congrats on the early Vandy interview!

Stay with a student. You not only get to stay for free, but get to have someone to converse with over dinner. Also u can get a feel for the student(s) you stay with and ask how the others are. Generally the ones who choose to be hosts LIKE people and are going to be cool anyway.

Imagine the alternative: sit in your hotel room that you had dish out $50 for, staring at the ceiling just building up anxiety with no company but the TV. :eek:

DO a search, there were a couple threads on this last app season.


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Dec 13, 2001
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I did both options at different interviews. Student hosts have the potential of sleeping on the floor, though all of mine had a nice comfy couch. Hotels are expensive, but so is the whole process so what's an extra $50 really? is great for cheap hotels. I would say take advantage of the student host unless you have a compelling reason not to do so. Like on one interview my brother was driving a few hours to come visit me and I got a hotel room that weekend so as not to be a huge pain in the butt for my host.
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