Jun 11, 2012
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While doing Kaplan Qbank I came across a statement that thyroid hormone regulates growth hormone to a certain extent. I looked this up online and could only find animal models but no actual human evidence (in vivo not tissue culture). I also did not notice this in Wikipedia on HGH or thyroid (yea like thats scientific) but I just read Robbins and dont recall seeing this anywhere. The only thing physiology books said was that somatostatin affects GH and TSH and that TRH affects TSH and prolactin.

Any clues as to whether thyroid hormone affects growth hormone release? If so, can you kindly point me in the right direction. I'm uncomfortable using mouse models, de novo, or in vitro. Thanks.


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Jun 28, 2010
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What I found in my notes (mostly from Kaplan and Najeeb):

* T3 upregulates GH and GHR transcription
* GH increases the rate of conversion of T4 to T3
these are some papers I found which seem to back up Kaplan:

and, what you already said was in my notes too:
* somatostatin blocks GH and TSH release (but its effect on TSH must be hidden by TRH's effect on TSH, because I have in my notes that hypothyroidism leads to low GH)

There could also be interactions between T3 and GH based on blood sugar levels in vivo.
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