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Feb 17, 2004
Hi...quick question...Does anyone know as of this year's TUCOM Mare Island class, what the chances are of landing a spot off of the waiting list and how long it'll take because I got into LECOM, and got accepted to TUCOM Las Vegas but decided I would want to attend the Mare Island instead. So I am now currently on the TUCOM Mare Island wait list. Thanks.


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Dec 16, 2002
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as far as guesstimating your chances of getting picked up from the waitlist, it depends on so many factors (how many people have made a similar decision as you, how many people don't make thier second deposit because they have been picked up somewhere else, etc.) that all you can really do is wait...

along those same lines, who knows when they will start picking people up off the waitlist... last year my friend that interviewed in February and was on the high waitlist got picked up in late May. I interviewed in March, got put on the low waitlist and it wasn't until basically right before school started that I was given an acceptance.

so all you can really do is keep the office of admissions informed of your new accomplishments, grades, and intentions, and wait...

Good Luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for you...

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