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    Just have a few questions for currentl med students (hopefully this will help me decide on whether I want to go back to school) How much time on average do you guys spend on rotations? Do you think the future of healthcare will continue to support physicians as primary care providers (as opposed to NPs or this new class of DNPs)? Will salaries fall if universal healthcare if implemented? What do you guys think?
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    Depends on rotation. The lightest rotation I've had was probably 30 hrs/wk (Geriatrics, total waste of time) and the heaviest was 70-80 hrs/wk (inpatient Family Med; essentially IM with a broader pt base). Some of my classmates had heavier months of OB/Gyn and Surgery (in the 80-100+ range)

    Yes and no. Physicians will likely always have a place in primary care. Exactly what that place will be will probably change with the ever-expanding role of non-physician providers.

    Depends on what is meant by 'universal healthcare.' If we have a single-payor system (government), then most likely.
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