Sep 17, 2017
Medical Student
Hello all,

I'm a US M4 applying to internal medicine, with an end goal of academic hem/onc. I have a pretty good application, so I've applied to the top 15 programs + 13 mid-tier programs. The only thing missing from my app is Step 2 CK, which I'm scheduled to take in 10 days.

Unfortunately, I have not been doing as well as I'd like on recent uworld tests, and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should delay it for another month.

I've been through ~30% of Uworld with ~75% average correct. My UWSA1 two weeks ago was a reasonable 249, but a couple recent timed Uworld tests have been poorer than I expected. I'll be taking NBME 7 later this afternoon.

My relevant application stats are below. Does anyone know how Step 2 is viewed by the top IM programs? Is it more important to get the score in early, or more important to ensure a good score?

Thanks for your thoughts/advice.

250 Step 1
Good LORs
10+ pubs
Extra research year
Top-20 medical school
IM honors
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