1. Preston Ganey Jr

    Value of leadership roles early in career?

    Hi Y'all, A question for the current and former medical directors out there: I'm early in my attending career and considering a couple different options - an academic job with built-in leadership opportunities for about 60-65% of the pay of an alternative "community" gig within a large health...
  2. B

    Second Degree, SMP, or leave my dream to be a fantasy?

    Lol I tried to make the title rhyme to get you guys attention :happy: But my situation is quite serious. I caught myself between a rock and a hard place where I currently have a VERY low GPA and need to figure out what is the next step for me. Here's some context information: I grew up being...
  3. Sunna12

    Community vs. University

    Looking for some honest advice: I've enjoyed both university and community programs so far on the interview trail and I haven't yet figured out what type of setting I want to end up in after residency but I do like to keep my options open. Does training at a community program for residency...
  4. S

    Academic Internship Program Reviews

    Hello everyone, like many of you out there I am currently getting my application all ready for a rotating internship! My goal is to stay in an academic environment and go for a surgery residency in the future, so I'm limiting my application to a variety of different university rotating...
  5. B

    Academic Dismissal - options after?

    So recently quite a few students were academically dismissed from a Big 3 Caribbean school due to grades (they set the passing grade differently each semester using some algorithm and the Hofstede theory supposedly, no one really knows how they determine it). So curious to know if time is taken...
  6. Snickerdoodle1996

    Secodary Question about Explaining Inconsistency in academic record and standarized test scores

    Hello NOVA MD secondary is asking Please explain any gaps or inconsistencies in either academic or standardized test performances throughout your undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate career. I have a 505 MCAT is it worth speaking about in this? I'm not sure if I want to draw attention...
  7. D

    Academic Update

    Hi SDN, I totally messed up and was so excited to enter my new grades for the academic update that I forgot to post my planned courses for spring.. and I already hit submit. Would this be detrimental to my application? Should I send each school the courses I will be taking in spring? Thanks in...
  8. B

    Timing of Step 2 CK for IM

    Hello all, I'm a US M4 applying to internal medicine, with an end goal of academic hem/onc. I have a pretty good application, so I've applied to the top 15 programs + 13 mid-tier programs. The only thing missing from my app is Step 2 CK, which I'm scheduled to take in 10 days. Unfortunately...
  9. H

    Interview for Psychologist Position at Academic Med Center

    I have my first phone interview for a psychologist position at an academic medical center next week. The position is mostly clinical with some opportunities for research funding. Any thoughts about what I should expect, how to prepare? Any topics I should definitely (or definitely not) bring up...
  10. S

    Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everyone! I'm currently stuck regarding who I should pick to be my letter of recommendation. I'm applying to only Canadian Medschools (I live in Canada). Here are my options: 1. Research (did research for 3 years at a hospital and got 3 publications) 2. Science professor that I know very...
  11. AJHook

    Suffering "Newbie". Real World Advice is Valued.

    Greetings all, For those who read, I'll attempt to make this as concise as possible. Brief rewind: I was a terrible student in high school. I had the worst habits imaginable. My inherent laziness and insistence on doing what I wanted when I wanted never served me academically. Despite being...
  12. W


    hello, during the update period. Can I add to my hand skills. I have not idea why, but I never put down an impressive and unique skill set I have with my hands (and body).
  13. Poodles29

    MD & DO Academic dismissal from Undergrad studies

    I was dismissed from my university a year ago for poor grades Current GPA is 0.96 I retook my general Chem at a local Community college along with Physics and general ed. courses My advisor is telling me that I've ruined my chances for a US med school; even with a post bacc or a Master's, my...
  14. P

    Are research fellowships considered academic awards?

    Source of confusion: Some research fellowships are based on how good of a research project you propose in writing. They also factor in demonstrated academic achievement. However, it's not obvious which fellowships required or looked at your scholarly pitch or academic achievement. Thanks!
  15. csequine

    Minors that look good on application?

    Hey all, I'm approaching the end of my first year of my undergrad, but I took 36 credits of college courses in high school, so I "could be" a full year ahead. However, since a lot of my science courses have to be taken consecutively, there's basically no way I'm going to be able to graduate with...