May 3, 2015
Hi all,

I am writing on Sept. 3rd and I just finished the AAMC FL and OG questions.

AAMC FL (Aug 18)
66% Chem/Phys
85% CARS
76% Bio/Biochem
90% Psych/Sosc

*I expected cars and p/s to be my better sections, still working through khan videos as my review for p/s and reviewing ek notes and supplementing with kaplan for physics/chem/bio/biochem review.

AAMC OG (Aug 21)
73% Chem/Phys
80% CARS
80% Bio/Biochem
80% Psych/Sosc

*I was not confident in bio/biochem, thought I did better in chem/phys than bio/biochem but results were different. Felt I did better in cars and p/s than results.

I plan on working through the Question Packs, doing a few more FLs for practicing the length and timing plus more targeted content review. I generally finish P/S with 10+ mins, CARS with 5+ mins and the other two sections just in time.

I find that the science passages--especially the bio/biochem ones tend to disorient me at times and basically I'm wondering what tips experienced test takers who have done well have for reading the passages more efficiently and getting a better grasp of things so I can get more questions correct.

I know practice is key, but what else has helped you? Is there anything in the way that you approach passages, etc.?