Sep 1, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
I will be applying during the 2021-2022 cycle. Just had a few questions regarding the LOR requirements.

1. On the TMDSAS packet, it says "Three individual letters of evaluation" and it also states that having a "current/former professor that can speak to your academic ability in the sciences" is recommended. To confirm, this means that the 3 LOR evaluators can be anyone correct? I always hear people says two science LOR and one non-science.

2. I was going to get a LOR from my research PI (PhD; never took a class with him, but I am an undergraduate research assistant in his lab), LOR from ICU manager/Charge Nurse, and LOR from my internship supervisor.
  • Does my LOR from my research PI count as a professor who can speak to my academic ability in the sciences? Should I try to obtain a LOR from a science professor I took classes with? I got good grades in a lot of my science classes, just don't really feel like any of them could speak greatly of me. Other than, "x student did well in my class. x student consistently showed up to class. etc."
  • THIS IS A MAJOR QUESTION: Who should I get a LOR from: my ICU supervisor/manager or an ICU Charge Nurse?
    • ICU Supervisor: Really liked me during the interview process and was the reason why I got hired in the first place. Awesome first impression, but never really got to interact with him since. I'm sure he hears about me as the supervisor, but he doesn't really know me personally, hasn't seem me working personally, etc. I asked a few nurses who I should ask a LOR from and they all say my ICU supervisor. He's a nice dude with some LOR writing experience I'm sure, I just don't know how personally he could write for me.
    • ICU Charge Nurse: She didn't really like me at first, so she wasn't even a consideration. However, as the months has gone by she started to really open up to me and is WAYYY nicer now. She sees me work relatively consistently and knows me on a more personal level than my supervisor. However, I don't really think she has any LOR writing experience which makes me a little bit skeptical.

3. Another MAJOR QUESTION: Currently planning on getting a LOR from my internship supervisor at Special Olympics. I believe he would write me a good LOR based on my work as an intern there and our interactions, however, I was also a volunteer assistant coach with a Special Olympics powerlifting team for around a year before COVID hit. I developed a really unique relationship with one of the athletes on my team and would really like that volunteering side/coaching side of my volunteering experience to be discussed on my LOR. Would it be strange for me to ask my current LOR to reach out to my previous volunteer supervisor to ask him how it was to see me as a volunteer/coach and discuss the relationships I developed during my time there so he could include it in my LOR?

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