Aug 4, 2016
Hey all,

This will be a fairly long story/explanation although I'll do my best to shorten it where I can.

I'm currently 24 years old and have graduated from my university for about one year (graduated May 2015).
Before we continue, let's take a small step back to my high school days.

Ever since I was in high school I had an interest for the science field and my parents sort of had pushed me towards the medical field path. At that time I was completely on board. Fast forward to senior year in high school, I got a full ride to the University I was planning on going too and was in their honors program. During my first year I didn't do so hot in General Chemistry because well if we are being honest it was completely my fault. I procrastinated and had the high school mindset. At that time I had decided to do my degree in Risk Management because it had piqued my interest and I had always enjoyed learning more about the business industry and felt it would be a safe thing to fall back on in case Med School didn't pan out and if Med School did pan out it would be a great thing to utilize in my career.

After discussing with my parents (they had at the time said if I was serious about Medical School then it may make more sense for me to pick a science degree so that it would correlate with the classes I was taking to help take some of the class load off my shoulders) I decided to switch into Biology and later Neuroscience. I don't regret switching into Neuroscience, it was interesting and fascinating learning about the brain and how our bodies work. I started to study for my MCAT's senior year (was going to do a gap year at the time) as well as prepare applying. My oGPA hovered around a 2.9 end of Junior year and a 3.1 around the end of my senior year. Because of this I knew my chances were slim on getting in. I studied for the MCAT and definitely didn't hit close to the 30 MCAT score mark (back when the MCAT was double digit scores). Granted, I could have studied a lot harder but it was hard to make myself sit down and actually study which I had found to be an issue during Organic Chem, Gen Chem, etc. I definitely had a lack of discipline and focus. Neuroscience classes except maybe one or two I tended to get A-A-'s on.

A month before graduating I sat down and asked myself if I felt I was going down the medical field path for the right reasons. Basically I was very unsure. I know my gpa and lackluster MCAT score had a part to play in it but throughout my four years in undergraduate I had also had my doubts. It was then I decided to pursue my other two potential interests; business and IT.

I secured a job at a bank in a program designed to help us gain leadership experience and work in all the various departments so that we could understand how a bank operated. I excelled in this job but throughout my whole time I never really felt at peace. After a few months of feeling this way I knew that the financial industry was definitely not where my passion lied. I just quit that job about a week ago and am now confused with a lot of things. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me but I know if I don't at least ask here then it'll always be at the back of my mind.

Throughout college, I always asked if going along the medical field path was the right choice for me. I loved interacting with patients and really do want to help others and I know this would be a great field for that but I also know there are many other fields out there that can also help others in different capacities. Now that I left that path I ask myself often if I made the right choice not going into medical school. I basically am at odds with myself and don't really know how I feel. On one hand I want to help people, have an interest in the science field, did find Neuroscience pretty interesting and think I would be a good doctor. The thing is would I be a doctor who would truly enjoy going to work and be passionate about what he is doing or am I doing it because it's what I had been sort of pushed towards from such a young age from my family and the people in the society I grew up with (I'm indian and unfortunately the stereotype about either being a doctor/engineer/businessman is often more true than not) and because of the salary? I'd be lying if I didn't say that the salary was something that had drawn me since it'd offer financial stability and more. After I quit my job here at the bank I looked into the IT Field and I have always been a computer "nerd" and always been fascinated with the innovations that come up in the technological field.

I talked with my sister the day I decided to not go down the medical field path and then today when I told her I wasn't sure on how I felt in general about where I want to go and she gave me the same answer. She said that while she has no doubt that I could be a doctor, she doesn't see that as something I would do, that I lack the discipline and focus which to some extent she is correct but I also think as I have grown older I've definitely become better at both those qualities albeit not perfect. She told me if I really was thinking of going back to medical school that it wouldn't be a bad idea to pursue this IT field (basically be a QA - Quality Assurance Tester - ) and then once I had a steady source of income I could go ahead and study for the MCAT, take the test and then see how I really felt about the medical field instead of abandoning everything, moving back in with the parents and spending months studying for the MCAT based on feelings that would resurge at times to only be filled with doubt minutes later.

I guess I'm looking for advice/tips or anything at this point. I'm just confused and not sure what I'm really feeling at times.

It might be of importance to note that even after I decided not to pursue medical school I still wanted to work in the Health Care Industry. Some things I had been looking into were a Masters in HealthCare Administration etc. Suggestions for something in the Health Care Industry may help too.

For anyone that made it to the very end, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I do apologize for this behemoth of an essay but I felt if I left something out willingly it would detract from the message of this post even though I know I'll remember something I left out after I post this.

Once again thanks!
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Jul 28, 2014
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What are your cumulative GPA, science GPA, and what was your actual MCAT score? These numbers are very important for figuring out exactly how hard it would be for you to get into MD/DO/PA school if you did decide to do that.

Have you done any physician shadowing or clinical volunteering? Those activities will let you see what a doctor's day-to-day life is like, and see if you like being around patients.

I would pursue the IT thing while also beginning shadowing, volunteering, and taking/retaking some classes to boost your GPA. If you fall in love with IT, then stop the premed activities. If you decide you do want to pursue medical school it's likely going to be a 3+ year road for you, but you're starting on the right foot at least.

You could also look at an entry-level clinical job (EMT, CNA, scribe, etc), but if you are legitimately potentially interested in an IT career I think it's better to hedge your bets with that while exploring medicine on the side, rather than going all in all at once.