To rad oncs who acknowledge rt students, I love you

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May 17, 2024
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Yes I know that’s an extreme thing to say but as a radiation therapy student when the rad onc(actually 3 rad oncs out 20ish I’ve met) would explain what they were doing during sim or treatment to teach me always made my day.

I know most of you are locked up in your offices doing a million meetings, seeing patients back to back, approving images and prescriptions, throwing hands at the insurance companies that don’t believe in SRS/SBRT or even IMRT, fighting admin about billing, and running around the department the second you sit down. So I don’t blame rad oncs for ignoring students or looking right through us. That’s also why I really appreciate even a slight narration of what you’re doing or even showing me what you’re looking at. I’m letting you know any cool thing you’ve shown us we’ve told our classmates about.

The rad oncs who let me fill my academic requirements by shadowing them(seeing consults/followups/chart rounds/tumor boards...) and actually helped me learn I will never forget you. Heck one of them made me realize I wanted to go premed(haven’t told him yet).

I love you when acknowledging me when image matching (because I actually have no idea about your preferences with the short time I’m there/learning how to image matching in the first place) and explaining to me why you’re doing a sim/plan that way.

Also being thanked by a rad onc made my day because you know damn well I am developing back issues and I’m not even getting paid yet. Not to mention some departments use us as unlimited free labor so I actually really appreciate your appreciation(if that makes sense).

Yes I’ve made sure to tell the rad oncs I rotated with that I appreciate them(not love because that’s a lil too much even if it’s the clinically correct feeling) but I just wanted you to know that every student I’ve met does appreciate the little things you do for us. So, please don’t stop doing this little things, even if you think you’re over explaining basics it’s our favorite thing. We’re just scared to approach you and most of our instructors discourage talking to you, that’s why you might not hear it that much.

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