1. siohohl

    Renting Room for rent in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL area

    Offering housing for a placement and/or rotation in or near the area of Kissimmee, Orlando, and Lake Nona. I have a fully furnished room available for rent for a reasonable price. Short term rentals available Includes WiFi Utilities included Access to private pool Must like dogs/pets! 2 small...
  2. P

    Where are clinicals done?

    I am currently preparing to apply to medical school next summer and I am curious how clerkships/clinicals work. I was under the impression that you were mostly localized to the hospital/school where you did your first two years; however, I have recently found information that suggested that you...
  3. Jgar96

    Preferred Timing Device for HR

    Hey guys, I'm starting vet school this fall and I'm looking into buying an Apple Watch to use mainly as a timing device while monitoring HR (and will probably be able to replace my phone during clinicals from what I understand). I've noticed a few vets and techs using them throughout my pre-vet...
  4. D

    South College Clinical education placement?

    Hi Everyone, Can someone comment on how South College place students into their clinical education location? I own a home as well as have a 3 year old child, and was wondering if the program would take that into consideration when placing students in their prospective location for clinicals.
  5. C

    2018 - SGU Clinical Selection for Texas Residency

    My wife is currently in term 5 and is finalizing clinical rotation selections. From what I’ve read Texas has specific ACGME clinical requirements for obtaining residency in Texas. My question is how are we to choose an affiliated hospital if not ALL rotations are ACGME accredited for one single...
  6. T

    opinions on DPT programs with clinicals the entire last year

    I am looking a program that does clinicals the last three semesters, but am wondering if that would be a challenge with boards. I realize that I will be studying after I leave the clinic during those rotations, but it seems like it would be easier to study for boards if I had some opportunity to...
  7. H

    Before you start your OBGYN rotation

    Looking for feedback on my first youtube video. There aren't a lot of med youtubers so I thought I'd give it a shot. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions
  8. A

    Exos Clinical Affiliation

    Has anyone on here applied for a clinical affiliation with EXOS? I'm in the process of applying and am looking for pointers, how difficult it was to get a rotation or to hear about their experience!
  9. Pauli008

    First Ortho. Internship!

    Hey everyone! I'm going on my first internship at an OP Ortho clinic in Davie, FL. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to prepare. I've done well in PT school however, with all this information it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed! Thanks!
  10. D

    Clinical Rotations by School

    Hello all, after going through DO school and being a resident for a bit, I have noticed that the single most determining factor to DO perception and success in residency stems from the 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations. In all honesty, this is the major difference between DO and MD training...
  11. D

    PT School - Pick Your Clinicals?

    Like any other health professional grad program, clinical internships are crucial to developing as a practitioner. My question is... Does anyone know of any PHYSICAL THERAPY PROGRAMS that let you PICK YOUR OWN CLINICALS? I am 99.9% confident that I know what speciality I want to enter into...