May 17, 2014
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So my story is that I was planning on taking the january mcat and applying next year but I took a prep course and actually am scoring around 27,28,29 which is beyond the average score at the school I would like to attend ( average is a 27- D.O. school) The last three in a row were 29s and never below a 10 in verbal with highest being a a 12 in VR. Average 8s and 9s in PS and BS . So, I rescheduled for october and hopefully can get at least a 27. Kinda stressing me out but whatever at this point, I'm gonna bite the bullet and do it. My main question is once I get my scores back would that be too late to apply for this cycle? I know it would be near the end of Nov. when I received them but could have my app done other than the mcat score and just throw it in soon as I get it. I assumed this was too late, but my father in-law who is a D.O called the director of admissions ( they are somewhat friends I guess) at the school and she said that they have planned on there being a lot of applicants after the october mcats and that they have planned for this. I assume this is possibly due to it changing and everyone trying to get it done before it does. The deadline for the school is Feb 1. so god willing I do well enough on the mcat should I go ahead and apply this year?
Jan 12, 2014
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I've gotten the impression that it wouldn't be too late although it depends on your GPA and overall strength of your app. I've been reading December is when it's getting late. Submit your primary within the next couple weeks though with your scheduled MCAT since it's taking 6 weeks to verify then once you get your scores back you'll be good to go.


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Feb 4, 2014
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I had a friend who applied DO just before christmas when denied from MD and had a 28 and she got in. It is possible, but obviously earlier is better.
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