Medical Too late to change State Residency on AMCAS?

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I have a Florida Residency on my AMCAS primary that I submitted in June. I moved to Louisiana on August 1st, 2020, and started working at Ochsner Health as a Temp Monitor in September full-time. I am still working and living in Louisiana and am paying income taxes this year and next year in Louisiana because of job.
I have not heard back from any state Florida medical schools and my stats are:
3.3 ugpa, 3.1 sGPA, 3.88 SMP gpa from USF SMP
July 2020 MCAT: 509 (123/127/130/129)
Sep 2018 MCAT: 505(127/128/125/125)
I am also a white female

I was wondering if it would be worth it to try and switch my residency to LA at this point in the cycle or to not even bother? I would need to get a driver's license and change my voter's registration and then complete the residency application for approval.
I know LSU-NO and LSU-Shreveport have interviews that run later in a normal cycle(through March and April). I feel that I don't really have a good shot at Florida MD schools especially with my 123 in Chem/Phys.

I did get into ACOM and put down a deposit there and have an interview with Nova DO this Thursday? I would be required to change my residency with AACOMAS too wouldn't I?
Any advice is welcome. Thank you!!
Your state residency depends upon what the medical school says it is, not AMCAS.


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Honestly, I feel like this is a question of "what else would you do with your time." The money associated with changing your driver's license is probably pretty minimal. The odds that doing this would result in an interview (and subsequent acceptance) at this point is also probably pretty minimal, but not zero.

Totally depends on you and your priorities. If you want to play every single angle and feel like you exhausted all options to get into an MD school, then change residency. If you want to take your acceptance and run with it, that would be entirely reasonable as well.
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