Medical Published online in Nature several months ago. Is it too late to send an update letter?

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Mar 22, 2021
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I worked at a lab out of college for a while and have since left to work as a medical assistant, so I haven’t been kept in the loop much about these things from my lab. I knew our paper got accepted to Nature in mid-2022 but I wanted to wait until it got published online so that there was actually proof somewhere that I contributed to the paper lol. But I didn’t know that it had been online this entire time, since late summer.

I know publishing in Nature is a big deal (although I’m only a mid-level author) so I wanted to send an update letter to schools, but would it look bad or weird to schools if I send one this late? Given that it’s already been several months since publishing?

If not, should I send it to all schools I’m still in consideration for? Just schools I have II at? Just schools I have no II at?

Thanks for any and all help!!!

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