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Apr 6, 2004
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Hey guys just took a practice RC test. I decided to totally not read the passage and go straight for questions and seek out answers. I finished this method in 16:40 (20 min alotted) but i felt it was very disorganized in the "searching". I got 15/16 correct. For my next test i think i will skim the article completely. And then use the above method. Hopefully that will give me better direction, because something tells me using the initial method isn't the best way..



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Sep 10, 2002
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I think you did well and you will most likely do very well on the actual test. You should do questions from a couple of sources (Kaplan, Top Score etc.). The most realistic passage will come to you from the DAT registration packet.

I think everyone has their own style of tackling this section, and my style is quite different from yours, but if what you're doing works for you then stick with it. I do agree with your instinct that you might be better off skimming the passage first.
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