Oct 7, 2012
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I was suppose to graduate fall quarter of last year (). I signed up for the 2 classes I needed to graduate. One of them was online (via my school), the other a chemistry lab. After week 3 of classes, I had a family emergency (had to help take care) and essentially take a leave of absence for winter quarter. I had to drop my lab, but I did end up taking the 1 online course since I didn't need to physically be there. Anyways, I came back spring and took the 1 lab class (got an A), and graduated with honors.

Will adcoms look down upon the fact that one quarter I had only 5 units, then skipped a quarter, and then took the class I needed and graduated (basically took 4 years + 2 quarters) because of family stuff? Is there any place on AMCAS I can explain my situation? Right now, before applying to next cycle, I'm working, volunteering, and probably take 2 more classes (upper div bio).

Thank you for ANY feedback.
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Feb 25, 2013
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Thanks, any other feedback or someone who went through a similar thing?
I knew of someone who got sick almost halfway through the semester and had to withdraw from all his classes. It's never been an issue that stopped him from getting any scholarships/awards/REU opportunities. I'm not sure if he went into much detail in his application other than something like "I was really sick that semester but I made up my classes during the summer and everything is resolved." He seems to be doing fine interview-wise.

I'm not applying this year, so I don't know where exactly you would address something like this.


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May 15, 2014
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@lumpyduster: thanks for the reply; i'm just paranoid/ocd I ruined my chanced at MD :(
Definitely not! I promise. My app has tons more questionable aspects to it (like an entire year with a <2.5 GPA), but I'm having an amazing app cycle so far. Adcoms won't throw you away for this, or for anything close to this. If they ask, just explain. Don't spend another minute worrying about it.
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