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Feb 9, 2001
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I have taken kaplan full lengths 1,2,3 and have scored 23,25,26

I have taken aamc 3,and 4 and scored a 25, and 27

I plan on taking aamc 5 tommorow and number 6 on tuesday.

Do these mimic what am i might do on the real thing?

Also anyone plan on studying on friday?


yes! someone please answer this for us =D i'm really interested in the feedback on this one...especially, which amcas test reflects the true verbal section the BEST =D

also, do the different versions of the test (hard, medium, easy) vary GREATLY in difficulty level? anyone have any insight on this?

Mr. Z

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Apr 19, 2002
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Personally, I thought that VI was a more difficult test all around. I found the verbal on VI to be very difficult.

Whether they will reflect your actual score nobody knows. For every person who says "yes they will" there is gonna be somebody to say "I scored way higher on the actual" or vice versa.

Just take them, learn what you can, and hope for the best.

The more I learn about this exam, the less faith i have in its ability to predict anything about anyone. I've scored highly one version, then on a different version I'll score a nine. Your score will fluctuate dramatically depending on whether you get presented with topics that you are more comfortable with. I would think that a good exam would have people scoring in a very tight range, across different versions, this doesn't seem to be the case with the mcat.

so like i said, good luck.

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Aug 10, 2000
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I think they are very close. Some feel easier than the other, but the scores are generally in the same ballpark. Out of the 5 AAMC tests I took, I averaged around 1-2 pts higher than what I got in April. That's pretty close.
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