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Touro Nevada vs. BCOM vs. CHSU-COM


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May 30, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello Everyone! I currently have to decide between 3 DO Schools: Touro Nevada, BCOM, and CHSU-COM.
Just a little background, I am from California, and hope to match in the future into an IM residency, and then hopefully sub-specialize. The mentioned schools all have their pro/cons, and any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Touro Nevada:

Close to home
Established out of all the schools
Pretty good match rate/board scores
Rotations all within 30 minutes of the school
Attendance not mandatory for lectures
Not sure how strong research is at TUNCOM, really wanting to do research in med school
Graded System
Class size will be around ~178


Enjoyed interviewing here and the friendliness of the school
Affiliation with NMSU
Implementing P/F this year
Can get also get federal loans this year as well
Potential research opportunities
Rotations at Hub sites
Not close to home
Only graduated 1 class so far
Board Pass rate is a bit concerning (But I know that passing boards is on the person, and not necessarily the school)


In California
Interviewed at the new COM building and I was impressed
Service learning component to curriculum
Learning Medical Spanish
Small Class Size ~75
Being able to establish new programs/organizations
New School/Private Loans
No upperclassmen for guidance, but DO students who are rotating locally from other schools will serve as mentors
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