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Touro or VCOM masters ?



Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has done the tourocom or vcom masters and has successfully matriculated into the DO school.

I dont need to retake the MCAT for either school.

3.60-3.74 gpa guaranteed acceptance
theres a seat for everyone
35 credit hour masters in arts of biomedical sciences

3.45 GPA guaranteed acceptance
your grade depends on your class...someone told me only half the class matriculates so like 35 people
42 credit hour MS in interdisciplinary studies in biological and physical sciences

which program do you think i should do?

3.25 cgpa 3.01 s gpa 497 mcat
major: integrative neuroscience from binghamton university


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Mar 13, 2013
Golden State
  1. Medical Student
I have done my SMP from TUNCOM and successfully matriculated and I got accepted into same school for DO. I just finished OMII and starting OMS-III in couple months. I would suggest you should take MCAT and score over 500.
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Full Member
7+ Year Member
Mar 13, 2013
Golden State
  1. Medical Student
I would email them asap. There could be an exception due to COVID-19.
And yes that was Touro Nevada.
Yes, guaranteed interview as long as you meet their minimum requirements.

I meant to say even if you do SMP at Touro Nevada, you must have MCAT score of 500 in order to get into DO program.

Look at this link.



New Member
2+ Year Member
Mar 22, 2018
  1. Medical Student
I completed the VCOM Graduate Certificate before it was a master's program and it was a good experience. If you can get in, I'd go with VCOM unless you're really confident you'll be able to secure a seat otherwise since the VCOM program is guaranteed acceptance if you meet their benchmarks. The GPA requirement for a seat in the next class are based on your MCAT score and based on what it is now, you'd have to maintain a 3.6-3.74. The investment for any program is going to be significant so you might as well make sure it's not a wasted investment that you'll spend years paying off.
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