TPR Verbal woorkbook tests


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Feb 17, 2003
    I just took test 2 from the TPR verbal workbook and did reasonably well. I was wondering if anyone thought the practice tests are easier than everything else.
    Also, I wonder how it compares to the real deal?



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    Dec 3, 2002

      i took test number 3 today. i did better than previous diags with 52/60. i also finished about 15 mins early, which i never did on the other ones. hopefully, we are just improving and thats why it may have seemed easier. does anybody know of a socre conversion for the verbal workbook tests? anyway, keep pushin hard everybody. the finish line is in sight.

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      Jan 13, 2004
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        Originally posted by thekegalman
        did anyone do the TPR Verbal Test 4?

        that one was very hard...they had like 3 killer passages and a poem, also i couldnt finish the test in time...:(

        4 from the workbook was definitely harder than the other 3. I missed about 50% more on that one than on the others.

        hope that makes you feel a little better :/
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