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Tracking Research Hours during the Quarantine


I like libraries
2+ Year Member
Sep 6, 2019
Installation 07
  1. Pre-Medical
Like most, I was not able to go to lab for 3 months during the quarantine. Currently it sounds like I'll be going back to lab soon, which is good for tracking hours. However, I'm unsure what to say when it comes to research hours during the quarantine. I'm taking some gap years and I usually work full time in a wet-lab, but this obviously changed. I still got work done from home, including some bioinformatic analysis, made a virtual poster, presented at journal clubs, and most importantly I planned for a new project. Realistically, I estimate I worked ~30 hours a week from home.

Would it be ok to include these hours for research experience? I want to state that I was still somewhat productive during this time. Do the activities listed above count as research experience?
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