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Jun 9, 2013
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Hello everyone! I have a few qustions. 1)How do I list general Chemistry in the subject section, does it go as inorganic chemistry or just Chemistry? 2) Course code is Engl cousre title is academic writing, do i list the subject as writing or english? 3) How do i list research, I did research in a biochem lab? 4) I took a class BIOS 222 called Homeostasis do i just list it as "biology" for the subject? 5) My school has GEN CHEM 1 and 2 linked with lab (only 1 grade is given) but it doesnt state it on the transcript would i have to list it seperatly? 6) I took a course called BIOS 100 Biol of Cells and Organisms, would that be the same as Cell and molecular biology? 7) for physics 1 do i list mechanis and phy 2 as magnatism?

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1) Put it under inorganic chemistry, as many school's prereq needs it
2) Writing if you have taken other English classes in college, and English if that's your only English course
3) If you received credit for your research and is shown on the transcript, write exactly what is shown under the subject biochemistry. If you didn't receive credit, I would put it under experience section and write a brief description on what you have done
4) Yes, Biology should suffice
5) Enter exactly as what the transcript shows to avoid verification problems, the adcom should know that you took a gen chem course with lab
6) Cell Biology sounds like a better fit
7) It depends on what your course title prints on your transcript, enter exactly what appears on your transcript. For example: if your transcript says Phys 1, just enter Phys 1. If your transcript says Phys 1 - Mech, enter Phys 1 - Mech.

P.S. - dont worry too much about the subject, as long as they are not too far from the subject. Just enter what is shown on your transcript and you should be okay!
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thank you for your response. For research it says "undergradute research" on my transcript , so would i just simply it as extracurricular or biochemistry in my transcript entry?
Both. Put in a short description of what you've done in this research in your extracurricular section and biochemistry in your transcript entry. This research experience can enhance your app a bit! Good luck!