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Oct 15, 2008
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I had a question about transfer grades. I got a 1.46 my freshman year of college, transferred home and am hoping to get 4 C's 1 B and 1 A. Would I then calculate my seperate GPAs and add them together, or would I do it some other way? I've been stressing about this and am not sure what the correct method of GPA calculation is. Since I did so badly my first year I will probably spend 4 years at my current university, but will it be possible to come back from whatever grade this turns out to be to even think about getting into an M.D. school? Thank you all for your help, I'm new to this forum thing so I appreciate your time.


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Oct 13, 2008
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You Still have plenty of time to turn your GPA around. At the most you probably have ...what 48 credit hours? You just need to start making a better effort of making A's and B's only to get into any Medical School MD or DO. I was in a simular boat as you but I messed up my first 3 years of school, so its taking me another 3 years to correct my mistakes, but its doable and much easier if you are motivated by medicine. Kepp your head up, stay focused, and Make it Happen. :)
Sep 4, 2006
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To figure out your GPA for MD med schools, you would average them all together, even retaken classes, as if you had taken them all at the same school. Keep in mind that the mean GPA for those accepted to MD medical schools is 3.65. To improve your GPA the most quickly, strive to get as many As as possible.

If you are open to attending a DO medical school, you are allowed to replace a poor grade with the retaken grade, it the class has the same number of hours. This would allow your GPA to recover more quickly. The mean GPA for those accepted to DO med schools is 3.4.
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