MA/MS Transferring masters programs -- from non-CACREP to CACREP

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Nov 17, 2017
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Hey all. Been poking around the site for a while and decided to post my dilemma with grad school.

I'm currently enrolled in a MA in Counseling Psych program in California and have 4 semesters left (two semesters of coursework, followed by two of traineeship). Recently, my wife and I have been talking long-term plans, and we both would like to end up in Reno, NV. However, after looking at their MFT licensing requirements, it appears I'll be at a major disadvantage since my program is not CACREP accredited.

So, here's my dilemma: do I forge ahead and finish the last 18 months of my program, or do I cut my losses, use it as a learning experience, and try to get into a CACREP school to save myself the hassle of proving equivalency if we move? Looking at the numbers, it would actually be cheaper for me to do an entire new program at a state school than finishing my current program.

It seems like a lot of this decision rides on if we actually move to NV, but would I be better off in CA too with a degree from a CACREP school? I figure if I'm going to be in the same amount of debt either way, maybe I should take my chances on a CACREP school and set myself up for the best outcome this time around?

I realize these are all considerations I should have made a year ago, but I was eager to get into a program and jumped on an opportunity...just trying to make the best of my current situation now. I also realize no one can make this decision for me, but I'm interested to hear what more experienced people in this field have to offer. :)

Appreciate it!
Dec 4, 2014
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If I were you, I'd cut my losses and jump to a CACREP accredited program because of a desire to maximize future opportunities. You don't know where you'll end up in the future, so keep as many doors open as possible, especially if it won't put you into any more debt. Maybe you can submit some syllabi and work and get a class or two to transfer.
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