Transitional year before psych residency?


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Nov 17, 2001
Ok, sorry to bother all you guys, but this situation is becoming more hellish, the more I think about it.

I'm trying to lay out all my options....

First of all, do psych programs accept a transitional year PGY-1 for PGY-2 psych spots? I'm pretty sure they accept prelim years, but I'd rather probably do a transitional year over prelim....

If I don't want to go to the places that are left in scramble, would it be a bad strategy to take a year off, do research or an MPH, and then reapply for PGY-1 spots, I guess, at less competitive places next year?



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Oct 17, 2003
Why u r confused w/ the prelim/transitional thing-u can do whatever u like - ABPN is going to give u 6 months of credit for any primary care rotation. Don't waste your time with MPH-nobody gives a damn for that.


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Oct 14, 2003
Sorry to hear about your situation - I am sure you will find a good alternative for the year if you can't get psych. I had a friend who was in your situation and I wanted to share with you what she did. As you probably know, there were about 600 Family Medicine spots that did not fill this year. Last year, she just scrambled into one of those open spots in FM, and she actually got to go to a top notch program and has had excellent primary care training thus far. Then, she reapplied in psych with new excellent recs from her intern year and has matched this year. The programs need your help, and you will still be learning medicine, so it's just a suggestion!
Good luck with everything.


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Jan 2, 2004
Hey..can u plz tell me whether she matched now in a good univ psych prog..?I have also matched to a transitional year but not a good psych program and wanna try for univ programs next year psychiatry...(if I dont get into neuro which is another field i am considering).Do u think thats possible with scores of 90 & 83..and an EAD..
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