Transporting teeth.

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Apr 6, 2008
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    My future school is many states away, and it takes three hours by plane to get there. I was wondering what suggestions any of you had for transporting a boatload of teeth (okay, more like a good-sized jar; lots of teeth).

    Bubble wrap and pad the heck out of everything and send them through the mail?
    Empty solutions and transport them with me?

    Lol, I honestly don't have a clue to this one. :thumbup:



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    Jul 11, 2006
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      haha! i never thought of this. I really don't know what advice to give you because you know how those airport workers just throw luggage around and you don't want that all over your clothes....:scared: i'm also not sure if the post office would mail might want to call the airlines and post office to ask....i can just hear the person on the phone,you're trying to mail what?
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      Feb 22, 2002
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        I don't know about you guys but this thread gives me the chills when thinking about the jar of teeth breaking open in a suit case. If it happened to me, all the other items in the suitcase would be going straight to the trash (or possibly biohazard!). :barf:

        The only thing with sending things through the mail is the risk of them losing the package. I've had bad luck lately. You can insure it for all the money you want but it’s not like you can use the insurance money to go out and purchase X amount of teeth.


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        Dec 11, 2004
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          If you're afraid of the jar breaking, take the teeth out of solution and place them in a heavy duty ziploc bag.

          Technically I don't think you're allowed to mail them as teeth they're considered biohazardous (unless you don't tell them).
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