Trouble with finding lenders....

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Jul 23, 2011
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I am currently enrolled at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

The school has an awful financial aid department, and at the time only offer students a minimal federal amount

and our ONLY private loan option in the SMART option loan through Sallie Mae. I've tried Wells Fargo with no luck, infact they don't even consider the school a Title IV institution even though it is (they are still making me make payments on a student loan I took out with them last year, even though I'm full time and I tried to file for full-term student foreberance).

Does anyone have any websites, or tips where I can find better lenders that qualify for our school? The SMART loan has me locked in @ 9.5% w/ cosigner and the loan is STILL variable after that. I feel like there are better options, but we've all been trapped as students into this new banker's game of education inflation and rediculous loan interest.

I knew I should've been a wallstreet invester ;)

any help?

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Three years later, not much has changed. There's now two more smart option private loans. That's about it.

I looked into discover student loans but USA isn't one of the institutions it offers it to. Grad Plus not option either. I've searched other loans with no success.

Still optimistic about it though.