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Jun 14, 2013
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I have been taking AAMC exams and trying to do post-test analysis. I have read from older posts that it's supposed to take hours. I am missing about 16 questions per section and is taking about 1.5 hrs per section for post-test analysis. Am I doing this right? I realized that during post-test analysis, for almost all the questions, as soon as I read the question, I can answer the question without even looking at the answer choices or back to the passage. The problem might be something else that I am unable to diagnose since my scores are not improving. I am currently at a 24, and would like to get to a 26 or a 28 in the next week. My exam is on 8/15. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 30, 2013
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You should be reviewing every single problem and asking yourself one simple question: "What is this problem teaching me about test day?" That is, if you got it right, why did you get it right and how will you make sure you get it right again next time. If you got it wrong, why did you get it wrong and what will you change so you get it right next time.

Don't just skim through quickly and say "oh I can see why (A) is the right answer I don't even have to read the explanations". That (A) is the right answer to that particular question is irrelevant. You're never going to see that exact problem again. Instead, ask yourself what general lesson that problem is teaching about the MCAT.

This can be a really tough exercise - in fact I tell all of our tutors the reason people pay so much for a tutor is precisely because it can be really tricky to learn what the lesson is from the problems you're doing.

Keep at it and you should be in good shape. If you're already at a 24, bringing that up a couple of points to the 26+ region is totally do-able.

Good luck!!! :)
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