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    Hoping to get some feedback on this?!!

    1)Pros & Cons of living on Mare Island
    2)Pros & Cons of living in Vallejo
    3)Pros & Cons of living in Benecia
    4)Any areas in these communities that are desirable?
    5)Does anyone live up on the hill by the school gate, what's that like?

    Heard that some students are commuting in from SF, Oakland. How is this? I know it is a reverse commute, but was it a drag your first year? Don't want to spend too much time in a car that would be better spent with the books.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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  2. 1) Mare Island:
    P: Close to school and cheap.
    C: Close to school. After spending all
    in classes, a change of scenery is

    2) Vallejo:
    P: Close to school. I'd live in Glen
    Cove or off the 80 on Columbus Pkwy
    (Near theaters, supermarket, etc..)
    C: Not as nice as Benicia or Walnut Creek.

    3) Benicia:
    P: Nice family community and clean.
    C: More expensive and many families

    4) SF/Oakland: Long commute but definitely a
    lot to do on the weekends.

    5) Other:
    a) Walnut Creek: Nice community with
    lots to do. Can take the BART to SF and
    it isn't TOO far from school.

    b) Novato: In Marin County. Absolutely
    beautiful. Expensive to live.

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    SF will take you forever with traffic, even reverse commute. The island housing is dumpy and old. Your electric bills will cost you a fortune too! But, its close and the island is fairly restricted since there are gates so not too much riff raff unning around ya know. Benicia will take you 15 minutes to get to class and its a safe, nice area. I recommend it for I live close to it myself. V town is a ****hole-I dont even take a dump there. But, others live there. Free will prevails I guess.

    TUCOM 2003

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