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Tufts Interview


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Aug 7, 2003
    During that morning talk, the Director of Admissions said something about how he knew who already has one or more acceptances at other schools by the way the applicants were eating? What does that mean exactly... and what was that whole spiel about the 3 interview scenarios?


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    Oct 26, 2003
      He was just talking about relaxed applicants and tense applicants. Relaxed applicants would eat more because they probably have at least 1 acceptance and would not be too nervous about their interviews. Interviewees who do not have at least 1 acceptance will probably eat less so that they don't feel too sleepy during their interviews. Something like that...

      I don't remember the 3 interview scenarios. Are you talking about what constitutes the "good" interview? If you share one little thing that's common, like skiing, rowing, etc., and develop a connection, then you've probably think that you've had a good interview.


        He said the same thing during my interview. He was joking. He was trying to be light-hearted and put us at ease by saying he could tell who was holding an acceptance(s) by the way they were eating. I don't remember the 3 interview scenario thing.

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        Jul 17, 2003
          I think he was referring to people who write him after the interview saying that they had a terrible interview and would like a second one. When he looks through their interviewer's assessment, they almost universally were given a high recommendation. So, he said that there are a couple of scenarios in which an interviewer is reasonably certain at the outset of the interview that you are a good candidate. At that point, they can't just end the interview, so they either try to talk about some inane common ground like summer camp(a "good" interview) or they play with you for their own entertainment (a "bad" interview). I thought this was pretty funny. I also loved his story about harp shopping. But then again, I'm a sucker for goofy humor.
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