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Feb 3, 2009
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public service loan forgiveness

Do PTs work in government or nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organizations? I wonder if this would be an opportunity for Physical Therapists to both work in public service and help manage their debt.

Also would anyone be familiar with how tuition reimbursement works with the PT field as well? How much tuition is reimbursed and is that money taxed as income? Would you happen to know of anyone that is in one of these programs and what their experience has been? Do institutions pay for part of you education prior to PT school in exchange of an agreement to work for so many years for them?


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Mar 8, 2009
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Wow, you have to make payments for 10 years and work for said agency during that time? It could be a good deal, but I plan on paying my loans off much sooner to cut down on interest. I will probably put nearly half of my salary towards loans. For those who do not want to do that, the loan forgiveness could be great...if you enjoy working for whoever it is.
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