Two hospitals or one?

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Aug 1, 2021
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Hello! I’ve been looking around this summer and have so far been fortunate enough to secure a potential scribing job and two hospitals offering me clinical volunteering. One is a level 1 trauma center and the other is a VA hospital. Is it in my best interests to volunteering at both? Or can I just dedicate my time to one? Both have good aspects.

VA Hospital:
Pros: Far closer to my house, will be helping veterans, heard from you guys that ED transporters get to experience every department

Cons: Far more decrepit then the other hospital and physicians seem far too busy to network with and gain potential shadowing opportunities.

Trauma Center:
Pros: Affiliated with my university’s COM, seems to have ample shadowing/networking opportunities

Cons: 1 hour commute (frequently will be closer to 1:45:00 due to traffic), limited to one department

I will be a ED transporter for the VA, but I do not know what I will be for the Trauma Center. All I know is that it’s in the Vascular Department and will be clinical in some way.

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Do not commute ~2 hours for a volunteering opportunity, that’s ridiculous. Volunteer at the one closer to home.
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