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Jun 11, 2002
I noticed that at every interview I've been too, I have been the only one wearing a striped shirt and tie w/o a uniformed pattern (i.e. a design that differs throughout the tie) with my suit. Everyone else has a solid colored shirt, and a shirt with a uniform pattern - such a stripes or a small design repeated throughout the tie.

Just out of curiousity, because I like my clothes and do not plan to change what I wear, why do you guys choose to wear this? Do most people consider plain solid shirts and plain conservative ties more formal? Or do you all wear them simply as a personal preference? After being the oddball at several interviews (though I'm not the kind of person to see this as a negative thing) I was wondering what you all thought.

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Aug 10, 2000
ann arbor
Personal preference. I favor minimalism and subdued, classic colors. Solid color shirts and simple pattern ties fit that description. I don't like to be too plain though, so I wear a blue vs white shirt and have at least a small design on the tie rather than a solid color tie.

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Sep 21, 2002
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hey canem, yould be surrpised at the extreme wide range of what to where and when as far as suits and clothes go in the business world. I am a business guy and have worked and leanred about all the dos and donts. Generallys peaking in a proffessionaly setting, in things like a formal setting, a dark suite and a solid colored shirt, blue or white is the norm. A patterened tie is usually alos a must, lots of variations but definetly common stripes or a patter is usually worn. Striped shirts and other coloered shirts are usually worn in a semi formal setting, where you can alos mix a blazer with pants- two otnted combo, then you can mix in the striped shirts etc.. usually i havent come across too many wild ties, except form some old big head honcho dudes who are living back in teh oldshcool and like to be odd. ANyway, most docs cant tell the diff and have little sense of fashion anyway so it doenst matter.. but it is tradition. where whatever the hell ur comfy in IMO though