U of I Urbana Transfer?

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May 25, 2006
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I am currently admitted at UIC for Bioeng, I got rejected to UIUC. I was wondering how difficult it would be to transfer from UIC to UIUC, since they are in the same college network. I plan on doing this after 2 years at UIC.


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Mar 27, 2004
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I got into UIUC as a transfer student in the spring of 2005, but I still go to UIC...b/c I had my acceptance rescinded from UIUC...long story. Anyway
1) IT was relatively easy to transfer after 2 years as long as you had the pre-reqs, and a +3.2. I am a biology major, and a I transfered as Molecular Biology Majorm which brings me to point 2:
2) Whether or not you get in depends on how competative the program you are applying to. BioE is obviously more competative than Biology, so it may be more difficult. Also UIUC, as you know, has been raising their admissions standards which brings me to point 3
3) Wheter or not you get in, even if you have a 4.0 and know how to fly like superman, depends on the the number of open seats in that specific college. For instance, if all the seats are full, they will have no room for transfer students, and therefore it won't matter what your numbers are. I went to transfer student orientation and there were engineering kids there, so they do let them in.

My advice to you:
Go to UIUC's website and learn as much as you can about transfering to UIUC. Plan your classes accordingly, so you can transfer. There is a residency requirement in terms of the number of credit hours you have when you apply, and the number of credit hours you have left to complete. Most likely you will not be able to transfer until after your second year. In 2005 it was fairly commonplace for kids with a 3.0+ to transfer. The application opens up in Janurary or December for Fall of the next year. Make SURE YOU get your transcript in early, b/c the people sending them from UIC tend to be incompetent. Also, make sure you send in any classes from a community college, because they have rejected people b/c their C.C transcripts came in late or not at all.I knew four kids at UIC who did transfer. Majors vary from physics, art history, law, and biology, not including myself. I However, none of these majors are bioE. Don'r sweat the personal statement, they won't read it anyway. Don't do what I do, which is screw up the last semester at UIC before you transfer, then have UIUC see those gradees in the summer and throw you out...Also, don't feel bad about going to UIC. It has a GREAT bioE program, and the kids who are in it are some of the brightest and hardest working kids at the school. Nothing to be ashamed of. I have a lot of friends who are going to medical school in the fall, all of them went to UIC. THey are building four new freshman dorms, your in the west loop right by the city, and there ARE SO MANY opportunities on the west campus, which is IN the medical district. I've observed neurosurgeries, I volunteer at cook county trauma, et al.