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Dec 9, 2008
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My target school is U Penn, and I am quite worried. Although I have not started on any of my prereq's...I know not to mess up when it comes to grades. But I am lazy with school and procrastinate. In the end, if i dont change my habits, I know it will bite me in the butt.

On UPenn's website, they list their GPA requirement in the 2.0's. I know that to get in to that school, you need a high GPA. Does anyone know what the minimal they are looking for to be considered?


Plus, has anyone got into UPenn with just the prereq's??? If so, how did you do it? Any tips?


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Dec 8, 2008
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I have no specific info about UPenn or getting into Vet school, but I wanted to chime in on you (or should I say OUR) bad habits. Generally, I am the same way as you are about school work. I graduated with a 3.14 from FIU with my Psych Bachelors, but I really attribute my lack of focus and not-so-stellar grades on a lack of motivation. I had no desire to by a psychologist or psychiatrist - I like people and their behavior fascinates me so I figured it would be a fun major. I do remember, however, that in classes that were particularly interesting or fun I did perform much better grades-wise.

Where was I going with this? You may surprise yourself when it comes to your pre-reqs because, odds are, you will be able to make the connection between the work you are doing and your end goal and thus find the class very interesting... at least thats what I hope happens for both of us.


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Mar 14, 2008
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I don't know what the minimum is, but if I were you, I would not focus on trying to the get minimum needed to be considered for a couple of reasons.

First of all, getting into vet school is really competitive and meeting the minimum requirements to get considered will probably only get you considered. The schools are going to pick the people who meet more than their minimum requirements because there are going to be more of them. Granted some might meet one or two minimum requirements, but be excelling in other areas. I doubt they take people who just meet the minimum all across the board.

Second of all, what may be minimum requirements now, will most likely be different in the time it takes you to complete your pre-reqs.

You should never chance anything to that, and should always work your hardest. Let yourself be your motivator. You know your habits, so try and use that as fuel to push yourself harder and overcome your bad habits. For instance, I know when a teacher tell the class that an A is a 96 and an A- is anything below down until a 90, I use that as fuel to show her I am going to get that A! Because I know that the A- is not as high of a GPA as that A is.
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Jan 12, 2007
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depends on the year, but most applicants are 3.5+. of course, there are stellar ones with slightly lower, but it's a very competitive applicant pool. excellent letters of rec are of course very important as well.

GREs i can't say specifically, but i'd say aim for 1300+.

mine personally were 3.54 and 1460. analytical score is not counted (thank goodness).
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